8 Rules of Smart Shopping

8 tips to shop smart

Shopping can be rewarding or frustrating.  We buy stuff we need. We buy stuff we want. And then we buy stuff we neither need nor want, without any reason. Though there are clever marketers who provide us with endless reasons to buy, at the end of the day, nobody puts a gun to our wallets. So our best protection against unwise shopping is to be aware of what’s influencing us. Here, are some tips to help you be more aware of your money.

  1. Self-awareness –

This is meditation tip but, generally, most of us forget the requirement of the object while shopping. At that moment, just ask one question from yourself, “Do I really need it”? There are many instances when you buy you buy something which is you are never going to use. You just got attracted and made an impulsive decision to buy that thing. Let’s say there is one piece dress, that’s adorable and you end buying it and made a big hole in the pocket but now you don’t find even a single occasion to wear that dress. What’s the point of buying such a beautiful dress.

2. Don’t shop for 5 years later 

We are glad to know that you are following your diet plan very religiously and going shed those extra pounds for sure. But don’t stick to your size and buy the right fit. Don’t buy a smaller size that you might be able to wear if lose those “80 pounds”.

3. Keep a budget 

There’s a very famous quote that Warren Buffet said, “If you buy the things that you don’t need, then soon you will have to sell the things that you need”. Therefore, keep a budget and respect it. This way you will not splurge money on the things that you don’t need.

4. Choose carefully

The worst thing about fashion is that it becomes outdated very soon. But this problem can be solved very easily. Invest your hard earned money into plains because they never go out of fashion, can be paired in n number of ways and then you can use it different occassions and it won’t look repeated. 

5. Shopper, know yourself

Some psychologists say that most of us fall into one of two categories: Low self-monitors aren’t too concerned with social reactions and buy based on their preference for a product, while high self-monitors buy to fit in. In general, you’ll make smarter buy if you stick to your shopping personality.

6. Be aware of freebie 

Think quick: You’re offered a choice between a free Rs. 100 gift certificate and an Rs. 200 gift certificate for Rs.150. Which would you take? People will overwhelmingly choose the free gift certificate even though that meant losing out on Rs. 50 profit. It’s easy to fall for free! but a price tag of zero can be more expensive than it appears. Beware! this is all profit-making techniques.

7. Choose shopping partners intelligently

 Hitting the stores with a group of friends can be a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but don’t lose sight of how others can influence your buying decisions. This is often referred to as “group-level consideration,” meaning that the group, not you, establishes the spending norms and defines what is acceptable and condonable.

8. Let your mouse do the walking

 Pre-shopping online is natural for many of us. To the rest: Get clicking! Even if you prefer to buy at stores, you can earn savings with sites that look for the best deals, offer customer reviews, or publish wholesale and market prices to help you argue over prices and also save a lot of time.


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