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Preening in public. Too-long hair. Muddy bronzer. The line separating good taste from bad in beauty and 
fashion can be dangerously thin. These trends fall on the wrong side of the spectrum. 

Mismatched face and neck

To avoid looking like you’re wearing a mask, blend your foundation down to your décolletage.

Derriere hair length

Long hair is sexy. But it is too much to your butt length.

French manicures 

French manicure are good but if you are planning to attend a prom, you need a change

Mismatched lip liner

Everyone knows where your lips are. You don’t have have contour your lips in darker than skin tone or lipstick. Use lip liner which matches with your lip color

Bronze blast

You want to have sun kissed look rather than sun wrecked look. Use the required quantity don’t just paint your face with it.

Curving, long nails

A little length, buffed nails is feminine but once your nails make texting a chore, it’s time to pull out the clippers. 

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