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First of all I would like to bring it to your notice that lip balms are not lipsticks. It may come in to lipstick like packaging but the function is different. Lip balms are lip moisturizers especially designed for lips. Human facial skin is 10 times thinner and more delicate than body skin and lips are 3 times more delicate than facial skin. That is why they need extra care and you need a product especially designed for lips.

Due to innovations, lip balms are now available with tint. To make the product more interesting companies have introduced it in different flavors and colors. So that its not necessary that you wear a lipstick.

Tinted lip blams are best for those who like sheer light natural tint on their lips.

Why it is important to wear a lip balm under lipstick?
Its better that you apply lip balm before you start makeup so that, when its lipstick’s turn the product goes deep into the lips.

When you wear lip balm before lipstick it works as a layer between lips and lipsticks. We all know that cosmetics are made of chemicals. By doing this, the chemical isn’t in direct contact with the lips. Also lip balms prevent from harmful effects such as, dry, cracked lips, pigmentation etc.

Lip balm works as base and your lipcolor glides beautyfully, its texture becomes more smooth. It is one of the best way to get fuller lips.

I hope you now you know why it is important. I am happy to help, your queries, discussions and suggestions are welcome.


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