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Everyone be it a girl or boy has to go with this skin problem. Most of the people experience it during teenage. Some people experience them in early twenties or in some cases: may be late twenties. The severity of the acne and pimples depend on many things. Also, heredity plays a big role. Since you will know the reasons, you’ll be able to cure it correctly.

The most common reasons of getting acne/pimples on skin are:

oily skin

Oily skin: is supposed to be the most prone skin for acne but its not necessary that all those, who have oily skin, will get more pimples than others. Its because oily is higher maintenance than dry and normal. Oil secretion happens to be more than normal, thus attracts dirt. So, you need to keep it as clean as possible to avoid any kind of skin problems.

unclean skin

Unclean skin: This is most popular reason of getting pimples on any type of skin: oily, dry, combination or normal. Dirt gets deep into the pores and forms sebum which later on comes out in form of acne or pimple.

wrong products

Investing into wrong products: Another reason of getting pimples is using the wrong products. You might be using the products which doesn’t compliment you or is not for your skin type. Just because it suits your friend, it’s not necessary it benefits you in the same way. Always test a patch of the product on hand before applying it on face.

skipping exfoliator

Skipping exfoliating: Exfoliation is an amazing way to clean skin. It goes a little hard on skin so that it can extract dry, dead skin cells, blackheads, clean the dirt deep in the pores. A clear skin is less prone to acne and/ or pimples. Never skip on this one. Include it in your essential skincare.

popping pimples

Touching and popping pimples/acne: Never touch the acne /pimples, that way you are allowing them to spread all over the face or wherever you touch. Pimples leave a black mark because you pop up them. Never do that.

Eating wrong: Your skin and body loves it when you eat healthy otherwise it suffers in many ways, like over weight, acne pimples, frequent breakouts, hair fall … the list is loooonnnggg.

Hormonal imbalance: When there is hormonal imbalance in body you may face severe skin problems and acne/pimples. In that case it is always advisable to see a dermatologist asap and take a treatment religiously. These acne/pimples are not normal, they are extraordinarily big and very painful. They leave scars on face. Never experiment on such skin and don’t try any new product without your doctor’s permission.


All the above reasons of acne/pimples are curable at home with DIYs and regular care except the last Point. So now you know why do you get pimples, you can stop them.


Good luck!

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