Hello beauties,
There are 3 skin tones cool, warm and neutral. What is yours?

Its very important to know your skin tone as it saves you from fashion disasters as well as makeup disasters. Have you ever noticed that some colors suit you and some don’t? This happens because of your skin tone. Look at your wrist, what’s the color of your veins, is it blue or green? If its blue then you are cold skin tone and if, it is green you are warm skin tone.

Follow any of the following tricks to determine your skin tone:

1: The nail paint trick

what is my skintone
For this trick you need a blue nail color and an orange nail color. Wear blue on one hand, orange on another, which hand looks brighter? If its blue, that means blue color compliments you. You will see the difference in both the hands instantly and this way you can choose all cool toned colors such as white, grey, dark green and there are many more. So,  you are cool toned and if, its orange, you are warm toned. All the warm toned colors off white, all the bright colors will compliment you.
If both the colors equally compliments you then you are neutral, you can wear anything.
2: The dress trick:
Magon Fox in white dress 
What is my skintone
Taraji. P Henson in off white dress
For this, you need a white dress and an off white dress. Wear them and see which adds glows to your skin that means which white compliments your skin?
If its white, you’re cool toned.
If its off white, you’re warm toned.

3: The jewellery trick

what is my skintone
Again try golden and silver jewelry. Which one makes you look brighter? If it’s golden then your warm toned and if it is silver you are cool toned.
In the above tricks, if both the things equally compliment you then you’re neutral toned. All the colors will compliment you.
Do this fun experiment and never go wrong on colors.
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