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We often hear about doing the final touch ups. But what exactly is that….? Do you also wonder about these questions….???

Then I guess you have stopped at a right place because I am explaining all the necessary steps that you should include in your final touch up. This is a very important last but not the least step. If you skip it you may end committing following very serious mistakes which can be a big threat.  Final touch ups are not limited to only makeup. It is to check the complete appearance.

Here I explain all the necessary steps….

Step #1: Check the falsies

false eyelashes

Final touch up starts when you are done with all your makeup. So, if you are wearing false lashes… check them. They are set or not.

Step #2: Remove the fall outs

fall outs

With a fan brush, remove any excess or fall outs of shadows or blush. Equalize both the sides of face.

Step #3: Check your smile

beauty blunder

Before you head out, check your smile, lipstick looks pretty on lips not on teeth.

Step # 4 Like the way you smell? 


Sure! you are running out of time, but you can’t skip this very important step. Don’t forget to wear your favorite fragrance.

Step#5 Check your bag

travel makeup kit

Make sure you have taken your wallet, credit cards, debit cards, cell phone, a tiny-mini makeup kit, i-pods, mouth freshener, sunglasses…. etc whatever is essential for you to move anywhere when you are out. Stay confident, feel confident.

That’s all! You ready to meet the world…

Good luck!



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