Wear Right Lingerie For Great Figure

Hello Ladies

Did you know that lingerie can actually help you to get into the “Shape”? Well than I have a good news for you because it can 🙂
Here we are not talking about our regular undergarments but I am talking about shape-wears and thanks to continuous research and new technologies, now we have shape-wears for all types of body.
In 18 century women used to wear corsets under their dresses and gowns so that they get a slimmer appearance. In fact, fashionable ladies during that time endured hours of discomfort just to have more svelte figures. But don’t worry today’s shape-wears are comfortable and you can also find an ideal one for you according to your body types. To do that you must know that what is you body type?

What’s Your Body Type

Banana: no emphasize of bust, waist or butts. it looks like a straight line
Apple:   full bust, thickest around the middle section and slender legs
Pear:     your butts and thighs are bigger than torso
Hourglass: you are lucky Because you have proportionate body. You have bust and butts are of same size and thinner waist.

What Your Body Needs 

There are many types of shape-wears but here we are suggesting for most common problems of body types
Apple: If you are apple shaped than you need to minimize the size of your bust and give emphasize
on your tummy. A slimming Camisole is a best option for you as it will give you flatten and firm stomach look. It will also flatten your bust.

Pear: Because you have bigger butts and thighs than your bust line you need to minimize your lower part of your body. Mid- thigh waists are suitable for you. They resemble to cycling short. They are designed to conceal both your thighs and waist to make you look in shape.

Banana: This body shape is also called athlete shape. This not a bad body shape but your bust, waist and hips look in a straight line than you will like give emphasize on your bust and show some cleavages. For that slimming camisole is good option. For special occasions you would like to give emphasize on your whole body so body suits can work well as it will emphasize your bust, waist and hips.

Hourglass: You have ideal figure you don’t have to wear any shape wear but for better appearance and slender figure you can go for bodysuits or tummy shape-wears.
Besides these there many types of shape-wears available in the market like Slimming panty, tummy tuckers etc.
Hope this will help you to get that perfect look.

🙂 Take care

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