Hello everyone,

I thought of sporting different nails for all 7 days this week. I know this is little difficult to change nail wear everyday but if nail arts are simple & classy, you’d want to change it everyday. I had a lot fun while creating and flaunting my nails all this week check them out. They are simple and gorgeous.

nail art
Purity of white and a dash of silver, turns out be be great combination.

nail art
The ruffian blue matte nails. I named it BLUE SEA. Its bright beautiful and matte. A perfect wear on the beach.
nail art
This are my twin colored leopard nails.
 nail art
White, sky blue and shimmer was my idea to create these nails.
matte nails
Inspired from the clay. I name it BLACK CLAY nails. It is earthy grey and with a matte- effect to make them like clay.
nail art
A dash of sparkles on neutral nails. I call them STAR SHINE.
stamping nail art
Cute stamps on a clear white canvas.
You can say, for this post, I have worked for a week :p I hope you liked them. Which nail art would you wear? Tell me in the comment section.
Good luck!
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