Hey everyone,

I am glad to introduce you with another my favorite nail art trick i.e. The watercolor nail art style.

You need

  • A white nail color
  • Blue nail color
  • Purple nail color
  • Acetone/ nail polish remover
  • And a brush
Step 1: Start with a white base color.
Step 2: Put a drop of blue nail color. Take a brush, dip it in the acetone and spread the blue drop on nail. Repeat the same steps after putting a purple nail drop. You can make it more colorful by adding more colors to it. Its fun, You feel like doing water colors, but on nails not on a sheet. Put more color according to your choice, it depends how intense you want the color to be.
Step 3: Finish with the top coat.
You are done
I hope you like this tutorial
Good luck
Would love to hear from you:

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