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Shampoo, conditioner and serum are necessary steps of hair care. According to experts its good to grab conditioners always. One must never skip this step whether you shampoo or not. Whenever your hair is wet conditioning is must.

I also agree to that but not 100%

You would be wondering…..Am I in my senses that I am asking you to skipping conditioning? Wouldn’t that make my hair rough and dry???

Actually yes! Undoubtedly conditioners moisturizes tresses and detangles them, So it is of high importance. But serum also does the same thing. Now we have hair serums which just not detangles but also hydrates hair.

I believe that you must take a break from your conditioner for some time. First, hair become used to it and you don’t get the same result. Second, Anyways you applying lot of chemicals to hair with every wash. If you skip, you end up using lesser chemicals to your hair which is always good. Your serum does both the tasks efficiently.

I like using Habibs Hair Serum. I works wonders for me. In fact, my hair is as soft as it used be when I use conditioner and of course it detangled my hair too. After shampoo, towel dry hair and rub few drops (a few more than usual) of serum along the length of hair. You’re done. This trick works very well for me during rainy season, it also controls frizzy hair. I am using lesser chemicals = I am getting frizz free, tangle free, moisturized hair.

If you love any other serum tell us in the comment section.

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