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I showcased this lip color in my February Fabbag .

The company claims it to be the deepest pigmented, longest lasting product.


Price: Rs 980 for 10ml


As you can see, it is a dual lipstick. One tube is full of color and other has the clear gloss. All the lipsticks from this range are matte. Those who like glossy finish can top the lip color with the clear gloss.

It would be better if I call it lip paint instead of a lipstick. Lipstick moisturize lips with color but this dual lipstick has color on side and moisture on other side. Perhaps, company wanted to give the choice between dry and moisture lip color. The color comes in cream form and it dries after application and feels like you have wore water colors on lips. I could not feel lip balm that I wore underneath it. That’s the reason it lasts so long.
The color is beautiful, it is vibrant red. When I put it on my lips, it reminded me of perfect runway lips.  You can see the lip swatches below.

I don’t recommend this lip color because I don’t like the formula.

Rating: 2.5/5


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