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Oily skin is a boon in a way, coz it ages slower than dry skin but at the same time its calls for a lot care. If you treat it right, its a boon.

Wash correct

Even if you don’t break out easily, choose a face wash which is matte formula. It must contain salicylic acid so controls oil but doesn’t overdry.


Skip your moisturizer and pick a sun block which contains ‘alcohol denat’. It will control oil, your skin will look shine free and matte.

Makeup in hot weather

Skip the foundation as it melts fast in summers. Rather use a tinted moisturizer and use a silica based mineral powder. It will suck the oil.

Help with DIYs

Exfoliate at home once a week to remove dead cells, cleanse pores and unclog the pores. Follow with a clay mask, clay works best on skin, it absorbs the extra oil from your skin and leaves it clean.

Night routine

Always keep switching products. Switching on different products helps managing with oily skin. If you use a night cream switch to a lotion, if lotion then switch to a serum. It should always contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid or caffeine.

Blot it out

You can not and you should not over wash your face through the day. Powder puff creates a cakey look. Rather blot the excess oil with blotting paper sheets.
If you take care all the above mentioned things, you will fall in love with your oily skin very soon.
Good luck

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