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Harsh winters, use of warm water to wash hair and lack of moisture leads to dandruff and if not treated on time causes fungal infection, hair breakage, pimples on face, and hair fall.
Dandruff will not give you sleepless nights anymore. The tips that I am sharing with you will not let the dandruff appear again.

  • Take out enough coconut oil to massage your hair at one time. Squeeze 1 lemon into it and keep it on flame. When its hot, take it off from the flame. Now massage your hair and scalp with this oil and keep it overnight. Wash next morning.
  • Take a tub of 100 g coconut oil. Add a 4g camphor in it and close the cap ¬†tightly. You don’t need to crush the tab it will dilute itself. The camphor will be diluted after 24 hrs. now anti-dandruff hair oil ready.
There no side affects of these remedies. You can use them regularly.
Good luck
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