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Scrubbing can show you amazing results if right scrubs are used. I don’t know about scrubs available in market but homemade scrubs can never go wrong.

Earlier I shared a scrub for dry skin. Click to check it

Honey + sugar scrub for all types of skin

Mix 1 tsp honey and 1tsp sugar. Apply it on your face and eyes as well (honey nourishes skin, its treat for eye skin too) leave it for 15 minutes. After that, scrub your face (leave eye area) in circular motions with soft hands. If you feel that its dries or tight do it with wet hands. This is scrub and also skin lightening face pack.

It has no side-effects at all.

Oatflour scrub

If you don’t have oat-flour available, no need to rush for it. Grind the oatmeal in mixer and it is ready for use 🙂
Mix 1 tsp oatmeal with milk. It should become like a paste, check the consistency and accordingly add milk. Apply it on face, leave it for 5 minutes. Then scrub your face with wet hands in circular motion for 2-3 minutes and rinse off. This is best scrub for oily and oily combination skin.

It is completely safe and no side-effects.
I hope you like these tips

I wish you beautiful skin


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P.S. : Always srcub your face with light hands.

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