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Our lips are 3 times delicate than face. During winters, lips are most affected, if lips are not treated well, they become dry, dark and sometimes bleed (which is very painful and ugly)

The tip that I am discussing today is a gift from Ayurveda. We are going to use mustard oil. Mustard oil has amazing healing and nourishing abilities. It is comparatively thick and has stronger smell than other vegetable oils but it is used a lot in aroma spas, hair care and to treat skin problems.
When your lips are dry you try lip balms, chap sticks, lip spas and nothing works. But I can guarantee you for this cure, it definitely works and if do it everynight before going to bed, your lips would never dry. 
Rub a drop or two of mustard oil in your bellybutton. It never let lips become dry. You will always be blessed with soft and beautiful pink lips. Besides, it will improve your digestion system and give strength to intestine. Its not necessary that you do it only before you go to bed. You can apply oil anytime and any number of times. This is personally my favorite remedy to protect my lips, and avoid harmful chemicals. 
I hope you like it and share your experience with me if you try it out. If you have some more amazing tips ‘Please share’.
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