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There is a huge confusion and difference between foundation and concealer. To get the best use of it, one must understand the product.
Foundation: A foundation even outs the skin tone and used on all over face. Basically it is covers the large areas on face such as, cheeks, foreheads etc.

Concealers: A concealer works best to cover dark circles, redness, blemishes, and dark spots.

First figure out your coverage concerns uneven skin tone, dark spots, redness, and dark circles?

If you have all the above mentioned concerns you need both concealer and foundation.

If your concerns are dark circles, dark spots, and redness then you need only concealer. First apply concealer on dark circles, around nose, dark spots, and ¬†cover the flaws. Then set it with your favourite powder. This way you can save some money on foundation. It will give you more natural look. Don’t use cosmetics uselessly, just to complete the process.

If your concern is uneven skin tone then you need only foundation. Follow with powder and you are done.

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