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Smile is curve that puts other things straight. Don’t avoid your teeth spare some time to improve your smile too.

You can whiten your teeth with few easy efforts.

  • Eating lots of raw vegetable not only keeps you in shape, but it whitens your teeth too. 

  • Mix salt in 1 tsp of mustard oil. Massage this mixture on your teeth. Besides keeping your teeth clean, it will also whiten your teeth.
  • Massage your teeth with lemon juice, this is also a very effective remedy.
Bad breath

Bad breath can ruin your whole impression, in fact people start avoiding you, if you don’t take care of your breath. There are many reasons of having bad breath. If you suffer from constipation frequently or you have stomach infection then it causes bad breath. You might find teeth whitening methods little tedious but remedy for bad breath is tasty and easy.
Eat yogurt for 60 days continuously and your bad breath is gone forever.

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I wish you beautiful smile
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