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Who says mathematics has got nothing to do with beauty? Just like air, mathematics saves its place here as well. Beauty expert says that a perfect face’s dimension is width :lenght is 3:4. Eyebrow is one of most important feature on our face. It defines all the other angles and features.

Your brows should be at right place and in right shape to have the perfect look.

Brows make a frame for eyes. It defines other feathers like nose, face shape, age  etc. Here is the guide to get the right frame your beautiful eyes.

  • Starting point: The starting point of the eyebrow should be in line with the sides of your nose. You can have an illusion of slimmer nose if you extend the brow a bit out of point ‘A’ or by reducing the gap between two brows.
  • Arch: Take a scale or stick place it from your nose to brows as shown in the picture. The point ‘B’,this should be highest point: the ‘arch’. A soft arch will always make you look younger on the other hand a higher pointed arch will make you look mature.
  • Ending point: Again take help of scale or stick to find this point. Point ‘C’ where your brows must end. If your our nose, eyes and ending point of brows are all in one line. Your brows end right. Make sure that point ‘C’ is in alignment with point ‘A’.
  • The point where line ‘A’ and ‘D’ meet is point ‘D’. Your eyebrow should never be far from it. The  brows must touch it to get that perfect frame. I would suggest you to keep your brows below it because, then your brow bone becomes visible and brows look above from their right place. Beginning of the brow is not the place to show or highlight your brow bone and it makes a lot of gap between eyes and eyebrows.
I know it was very technical, full of measurements and maths. If you don’t like maths, you might not enjoy this post… But I hope this is useful for you.
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