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Does this picture remind you anything? It reminds me my school days, when I used to prepare my assignment using this painting trick. Till now we used to do this trick on paper or canvas, today we are going to try it on our nails… yippiii.. isn’t that fun??

You have to be careful while doing it. Otherwise the place around can get dirty.

You need

  • A newspaper
  • Vaseline/ tape
  • White nail color
  • Multi-color nail polishes
  • Top coat
  • A waste toothbrush
  • Color palette
  • Acetone / nail polish remover
Step 1: Paint your nails with white nail polish
Step 2: First of all spread the newspaper around. Cover your fingers with tape / vaseline. I have used Vaseline here.

Step 3: Take out some nail color on the color palette. Mix acetone in it to ease splattering. Always start with light shades.

Step 4: Take a toothbrush hold the color in it and spray! spray! spray!…untill you are happy. Repeat it with other colors too. Try different colors.

When it dries, finish with the top coat. Clean the fingers.

You’re done

I hope you like this tutorial.

Good luck

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