Hey guys,

Like every month, I was thrilled to get this special surprise to ‘me’ from ‘me’. So definitely, can’t wait to share with you.
This month’s Fabbag is very disappointing. I don’t think it is value for money The bag brought me a TVAM apricot scrub, Nyx diamond sparkle lipstick, 2 Iraya face milk and a pair of earrings. After checking all the products I compared the bag with march bag shown on the company’s website and it din’t match at all. But moving on… have a close look at all the products.

Tvam apricot and walnut scrub looks harsh. You can see the grains in it.

I got two packs of the same product. Which doesn’t make sense to me. I am not very impressed with the first impression as its packaging is cheap and looks old.

A rusty shimmer lip color from NYX. Scroll down to see the swatch.

one of most disappointing products are earrings. The duck shaped earrings with a plastic diamond pasted on it. They are low grade.

Detailed product information coupons.

So this was a sneak peak at March fabbag. Will be back with interesting reviews.

Good luck!


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