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Due to unawareness or carelessness, we generally make these small mistakes. Remember the following guidelines and have beautiful skin during winters

Wearing foundation on flaky skin

Wearing foundation on dry flaky skin is a big No-No. Instead of making your appearance better it will make you look dry. The foundation may remain in the flakes for long time can cause skin infection and pimples. 
Choose the right lip balm

Don’t run after fancy lip balms. Choose a lip balm which heals your chapped lips. Avoid lip balms containing lanolin. Avoid strong flavored and scented lip balms
Never miss sun protection

Be it cloudy, foggy or sunny, you should never leave home without sun protection. Sun rays are foremost reason of aging. It doesn’t matter you see the sun or not but do wear sunscreen.
Neglecting hands & feet

After your face your hands are most exposed. Do moisturize your hands and feet twice a day. Especially before going to bed. Your hands & feet won’t be rough and dry throughout the winters.
Water proof your makeup

No matter its winters, you need to waterproof your make up because when you step out and its biting or windy outside, your make up can roll down to cheeks. 
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