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Sanitizing your hands is not enough. Bacteria can attack your cosmetics too. Your lipstick, mascara wands, lip glosses in tub/tube, eye pencils, and lip pencils can also get contaminated.
Lip glosses with wand and mascara wands are the entry roots for bacteria to contaminate your eye and lip products. When you re- apply lipstick and gloss after dining, food particles go in to lipsticks and glosses. These food particles get pushed deep into the lipstick and glosses and contaminate the while tube. The risk is more with glosses with wand or in tub. It can cause irritation and infection to your skin.

In the same way mascara bristles hold mascara, these clumps can get infected easily and can cause you eye irritation, infection, and contaminate the whole product.

Clean your lipsticks and glosses with sanitizer wipe after every application, especially when you re apply. Also remove the clumps in the mascara wand after application. It will make mascara application clean and easy. Also, It will preserve your eyes, lips, and cosmetics for longer from bacteria.


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