Hi guys,Safe makeup is that, which never lets you down. You can wear it anywhere and with any dress it will never go wrong. I have shown some colors down here.

I am gonna start with face.


Now there are BB creams available in the market in all the skin colors. Find one which matches with your skin color and its the safest makeup base. You can never go wrong with them. With this you neither look overdone or undone. It provides sheer coverage.


A nude eye shadow definitely becomes the part of safe makeup. Also redefine with black kohl.


A peachy or pink blush would be the best and safest way to highlight the apples of the cheeks.


Finally the lips. You can just go with a tinted lip balm. For soft clean look nude lip colors in any tone: pink, peach or brown, are best.

For bold look a MAC Russian red or a blue toned red lip color will suit all types of skin tones and it safest option.

The makeup I mentioned above is suitable for all ages of women. At last please Subscribe.

Good luck

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