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UV-A rays contribute to damaged skin, premature wrikling and ageing of skin. UV-B rays burn skin. Raysheild -40 provides full spectrum UV-A and UV-B protection. Raysheild -40 is clinically tested to provide times your natural sunburn protection, and also on regular use prevents premature wrikling and skin cancer induced by UV-A rays of sun.

Price Rs. 190 for 50g


My experience

This sunscreen is especially for sensitive skin. My mom has got sensitive skin and she turns red in sunlight. To avoid such situation she regularly uses this sunscreen and I have witnessed all the wonders that this cream did  for my mom. 
My face is oily combination, I have to use a matte formula so I can not use it. It makes me feel greasy. But if you have dry skin or normal skin, you can definitely go for this cream and you will love it.


  • You need SPF 40 in a country like India for effective sun protection
  • For sensitive skin
  • Water/ sweat proof
  • Contains goodness of Vitamin E and Aloe vera
  • Dermatologist tetsed.
  • It does what it says
  • Not expensive


  • Available only at drugstores
Do I recommend it: Its a must have for people who have sensitive skin.
Rating: 5 stars/5
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