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Product promises

It prevents hair fall, hair breakage, dryness and makes hair beautiful and healthy.

Price Rs. 65 for 200ml


My experience

Are you Pantanjali fan? Neither me, rather I like follow the Yoga, that Baba Ramdev teaches. There are some products from Patanjali, which deserve to be discussed. I have seen many people using this shampoo and praising it, that’s why I wanted to use it and I wanted to find out what so special about it. 
Then I bought it and for 1 year I used it continuously. Do you still wanna know about the pros and cons of the product? 
Well, I am listing them for sure. There is no orange in this shampoo but it smells orangy which is very fresh.


  • Its an inexpensive product.
  • Available at even the smallest place in India
  • Smells orangy
  • Cleanses hair very nicely
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Flip-flop cap increases its usability
  • An Ayurvedic product
  • Best for 24 months


  • Oil your hair regularly otherwise it can make your hair dry and unmanageable.
Will I purchase it again: Yes
I recommend it: to everyone. But if you have extra dry hair its not for you.
Rating: 4 stars/5
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