Hey guys,By looking at the pictures, you might be wondering that I am wearing different lip colors in every picture but I actually I am wearing the same lipstick.
Cream lipsticks are most versatile lipsticks. You can use them to get absolutely any finish whether its matte, glossy, sheer, frosty or as stain.
Today I am gonna show you how you can work with 1 lipstick in many ways.

Here I have used a cream lipstick to create all the possible ways (that I know) to wear it.

1 Cream 
I have not done anything here. I just swept the color on my lips.

2 Matte 

To get the matte finish from the same lipcolor, soak the extra color and moisture with a blotting paper. Gently push the blotting paper against lips to get perfect matte finish. You don’t need to buy the matte lipcolor in the same shade. (See the picture below)

3 Glossy
Glossy lipsticks are very moisturizing and have high shine. If you top the same lipstick with a gloss, you can get perfect glossy, fuller lips.
4 Shimmer
Now this is a little tricky. To have shimmering color, dust gold or copper eye shadow on the lipstick. If you want the shimmer in the same color then use same color pigment. For example If you want red lipcolor with red shimmer, use red pigment to dust on the lips. Otherwise gold and copper eye pigments work best to make any lip color shimmery.
5. Lip stain
Lip stains are modern form of lip colors. They look very natural and very wearable for every day use. For this, rub your finger against lipstick, now pat the finger on lips and lightly apply color on lips. Now you have naturally stained lips. If you want a bit moisture, you can top it with lip balm like I did.

6. Sheer 

In sheer lipsticks, lips peeps through the color. The coverage happens sheer and have high diamond like shine. To get that shiny sheer color. Pat the color with your finger on lips and top it with a lip gloss similar to the lipstick’s color.

The best part about classic lipsticks is that you can create so many colors with them. You can create almost all possible colors of that stream on your own. I am sure now you are not going to buy different finishes of the same color and it is so much fun. If you are bored with your classic lipstick, try these tricks. you will start loving it again. Last but not the least, you don’t have to wait for some occasion to wear dark lipsticks, try these tricks to get the full value of money.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial. If you like it or want me to write about something, tell me in the comment section.

Good luck

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