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Do you think that your appearance affects your energy? Well, for me, its a yes. And if we talk logically, than also it does…Coz according to USA today ” your appearance can affect your pay cheque”.

Wearing same types of cloths everyday? Going for shopping….buying same stuff ??? Puh…lease add some color and style to your office wear.

Besides regular exercise, if you follow these steps, I am sure you will be noticed and above all you will great all day, full of energy.

Know yourself

Know your body type. Which one you belong to ( for reference visit this linkĀ banana, apple, pear or hourglass?

Choose right

  • If you belong banana body shape then you need to show your curves. Choose shirts and tops that show your collar bones and have a belt on waist with straight pants. A belt on waist will take everyone’s attention on waist and show your curves. Besides try jackets with these tops and skirts. You’ll get some idea from the pics below
  • If you are apple shaped then you don’t wanna take attention to your upper body because your upper body is larger than lower body. Wear straight trousers which is fit till knees and flows free till ankle. It balance your lower body with upper body. Wear broad necks, choose such fabric which doesn’t stick with your body. you can also try wearing jackets that will add glamour and style. You should not wear tops or shirts with middle belts on them. Try to take dark top and light bottom.
  • Next is pear shape. You have lower body bigger than upper body. For you straight as well as parallel trousers are good options. Try wearing high necks or necks that doesn’t show much of your shoulders. Straight skirts are good for you.
  • You are hourglass? Luckiest of all, you can wear anything šŸ™‚
  • Add some elegant jewellery, pick fresh colors, wear satin, georgette, chiffon Ā fabrics besides cottons.
  • A striped top with a jacket gives a very formal and elegant look.
  • Parallel trousers are so in these days.


Please wear heels. Heels accentuated the overall posture and highlights the curves of your body. You can wear pumps or wedges (for more info visitĀ
I hope you enjoyed reading it.
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