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According to me lashes are the most attractive thing about eyes. If you have naturally thick and long lashes, it is more than enough. Those who don’t have thick lashes they use false lashes. But I can give you an excuse to give rest to your false lashes and  with a small makeup trick you can make your lashes look naturally thick and visible.

You can see in the above picture, notice the difference in picture no.1 and no. 4. I am not wearing any false lashes, its just kohl and mascara.

Follow these steps and achieve the look:

Apply kohl on the lower water line. Curl your lashes and apply mascara until you are happy

Now the trick is: Apply kohl on the upper water line as well as shown in the picture. I want to make my lashes look thick at the outer corners, so applied kohl on the half upper waterline or tight lined on outer half (but you can apply on full waterline, choice is yours). It will instantly intensify your eyes and make your lashes look thicker. You can do this trick before wearing mascara too.

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