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The famous beauty expert Blossom Kochhar says that, while buying olive oil you should always go for cold processed olive oil rather then hot processed olive oil. Virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil won’t make a huge difference.

Olive oil for skin

Olive oil is a boon for skin. Besides a great moisturizer, it is loaded with vitamin E and healing properties. If applied directly on skin, it banishes the sun burn and dryness and uneven skin tones.
It is best to apply olive oil on damp skin, so you don’t feel greasy. Besides you can mix lemon juice in it and your moisturizer is ready

Olive oil for hair

It is equally beneficial for hair. Olive oil removes dryness, dandruff and locks moisture in hair stands. It is a great way to manage rebellious curly hair.
To increase its efficiency, mix almond oil, squeeze 2 vitamin E capsule in olive oil. Heat it and give a hot oil massage to your stressed scalp. It will take away your stress and deep condition your hair.

Olive for nails and cuticles

Olive oil also has healing properties. When applied on nails and cuticles, it softens cuticles and returns required moisture to your nails. This way you can make your nails stronger.

Makeup remover

Olive oil can remove the most stubborn eye makeup on this earth. It is a great makeup remover, and your skin will love it as its an awesome nourishment for skin.
Besides all this if you choose olive oil in your food also, nothing is better than this. It is low in cholesterol and fat. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
If you know other uses of olive oil, please share with me in the comment section.
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