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Most of the you walk into the beauty store and buy those things that sales person suggests. There are so many mascaras out there. They all are different and have their unique functionality. Whatever sales person suggests, it doesn’t mean that its the best thing for you. No one knows you better than ‘You’.

Especially when you are selecting a mascara, you must know which wand works for which unique function and on what type of eyelashes?

If you think mascara wands don’t make any difference than lemme correct you ‘ it does huge difference’. When you find your right one you will notice it.

Plastic comb mascara wand 

This is plastic or rubber brush with small plastic spikes. This kind of mascara wands are perfect for small lashes or for those with very light lash. It also works well for straight lashes. This mascara wand instantly heightens the lashes and makes them look fuller and dense.

For example: Maybelline define a lash mascara,  Dior new look mascara, Revlon custom eyes mascara.

Massive Bristle brush wand

The best way to know a mascara wand is – it works in the same way it looks. Like this one: looks with many bristles, its made for those who are blessed with thick and long lashes. If you naturally have thick lashes, it will give curl and volume to the lashes.

It will make lashes look more block style, fuller and longer.

For example: Lakme lash artist, Avon spectralash, Dior show, Mac opulash.

Tapered brush wand

This is an all rounder mascara wand. Equally good for long as well as short lashes. It provides bulk, volume and fullness to lashes.
Again those are blessed with full lashes, it will do wonders for them and it will also include shorter lashes in the inner corners of eyes.

For example: Mac false lash mascara, Clinique lash doubling mascara

Curved mascara wands

Thanks to technology and innovation. Now there is a mascara wand for poker straight lashes too. It gives that extra curve to lashes and makes straight lashes look fuller and longer. This also works well for small lashes

For example: Estee Lauder double wear curling mascara

Spherical mascara wand

Don’t be scared, this is not going to torture your eyes. It works exactly the same way as plastic comb mascara wand. It works on smaller amount of lashes at once and defines and separates each lash and makes them look fuller and dense.

For example: Givenchy phenomen eyes mascara.

The bottom lash wand

Beauty innovators surely dint forget to make something for bottom lashes. This is designed for bottom lashes which are small.
You can use it on upper lashes too but you’ll have work longer to get that curve.

For example: Daniel baby jet mascara

I hope now you will find the perfect match for your eyes.

Good luck



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