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Half of the population has brown eye color but it doesn’t mean you get lost in it. You can always look different with following make up ideas.

Violet / eggplant mascara

Purple shades are best to enhance brown eyes.
Cobalt blue eyeshadow
Brown is mix of all the primary colors so there are a lot of options for brown eyes. A coblat blue eyeshadow is best matched with brown eyes
Greenish gold eyeshadow

All kinds of green tones compliment brown eyes. You can try matte, matelics, cream anything. A green with gold will add extra glamour to your eyes.

Copper eyeshadow
A copper eye shadow looks great on all colors of eyes. Warm up your eyes with a copper nude color.

Navy eyes

Get the animated deep blue eye with navy eyeshadow and liner for the day time.

Gold shadow

Brighten up your eyes with a warm gold shadow. Your brown eyes will instantly glisten with it


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