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lipstick horoscope

Your appearance and colors influence your mood. Some colors influence positively and some negatively. Here is a small guide to choose the right lipstick color …

Aries: Choose a fierce color like red to go along with your bold Aries self.

Taurus:  Deep berry or mauve lip hues compliment your determination and devotion.

Gemini: Peach tones fit your lively sass and style, plus they’re easy to reapply without a mirror — perfect for chatty Gems.

Cancer: Since Cancers are loyal and display emotions openly, natural and nude shades work best for you. 

Leo: A bold pink will compliment Leo’s flamboyance. 

Virgo: The simplicity of shimmery, sheer metallic hues will match your gracious personality. 

Libra: Shades of a romantic, balanced color like merlot are ideal for you.

Scorpio: Shades of maroon look polished and sophisticated, which fulfill Scorpion’s desire to be taken seriously.

Sagittarius: Shades of brown suit you best since others take you seriously. 

Capricorn: Try a fun, bright pink to balance out your tough facade.

Aquarius: Peaceful, tranquil nudes are ideal for you because of your earthy, generous nature.

Pisces: You need a strong lip color like deep shades of red to balance out your emotions and strengthen you.

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