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The average Korean woman has easily more than ten products in her daily skin-care routine, and the country’s philosophy of good skin dates back to the Dongui Bogam, a Korean medical text from the 1600s. And in recent years, Korea has been responsible for the eyelash-extension and BB-cream crazes that have become international sensations. Here are some other hot beauty trends coming from Korea’s flourishing beauty counters.

Green tea: This natural wonder has long been touted for its countless health and beauty benefits, and now Korean brand AmorePacific has perfected the science behind cultivating and extracting the most powerful benefits of EGCG, an antioxidant only found in green tea. All of the EGCG comes from green tea grown in fields on the Korean island of Jeju, which has the optimal climate for the most potent tea leaves.
Ginseng: Used in traditional Eastern medicine, ginseng has many health and beauty benefits and is only found naturally in a few places in the world; Korea’s ginseng is prized the most. In skin care, this herbal root has rejuvenating effects and can help restore the skin’s moisture balance, fighting signs of aging and hyperpigmentation.
Skin science and clarity: Radiant skin is the ultimate goal of practically all Korean skin-care lines, and the research behind new skin-care technologies focuses on brightening dark spots and perfecting a glowing complexion. Amarté is one of the newest Korean skin-care brands to make its debut stateside. It started off in a dermatology clinic and grew into a brand based in science, with partnerships with Seowon University and the Bio Regional Innovation Center for Organic Materials and Food.
Power exfoliating: Korean women love a good scrub, which they can get at the popular public baths (jjimjilbang, in Korean) and with at-home treatments.
Airless pumps: Another skin-care innovation that has taken the Korean market by storm is airless dispensing pumps. What makes this sort of packaging so special is that it keeps the product from being contaminated and oxidized. Everything from cleansers to moisturizers and even foundation can be found in an airless pump. Plus, the technology allows you to ensure the perfect amount of product every time.



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