Makeup essentials

During the day I wear no makeup at all. For night out I line my eyes with black kohl. I also love the smokey eye look with Yves Saint Laurent’s brown eye pencil and I curl my lashes and wear lots of YSL mascara.
For lips, I prefer to use a pale pink lipstick.

In my bag

Besides my wallet, credit cards and odd papers, you’ll find my favourite MAC Cherish lipstick, the MAC blush Improper Copper and a Chanel kohl pencil in black. I can’t live without my kohl pencil.

Hair routine

I love oiling my hair with a mix of almond, castor, coconut and olive oil. I do this once a month. I use Kerastase Shampoo specifically for dry hair and follow it with blow dry.

Signature fragrance

I love Jean Paul Gaultier for special occasions, I apply UN Jardin en Mediterrance by Hermes.


I use Lancome facewash. I try to avoid creams because of the chemical content in it. In cold weather I use Clarins Hydraquench rich cream and at beach I use Clarins Sunscreen. I don’t believe in facials.

I admire

I like Scarlett Johansson, I like her face, her body and her hair. I also like Julia Roberts for always looking fresh.


I am a vegetarian and believe in eating lots and lots of veggies like spinach, fenugreek and broccoli. I eat healthy meals with lots of wholegrains and don’t cut down on carbs. I eat ¬†every two or three hours. At night I have dal, curd, vegetables and roti or brown rice. I try to drink 6-8 glasses of boiled water everyday.


I do ashtanga and power yoga for an hour every day.


Manish Malhotra and Versace
This is how Kareena looks so stunning and fit all the time.
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