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Beauty benefits of coconut oil

For how many ways can you think of using coconut oil? As hair oil or cooking oil? It is not only great for skin or hair but also for overall health.

It has anti-aging properties. It is enriched with anti oxidants which improves cardiovascular problems and slows down the aging process of skin.
You can use coconut oil in different ways for hair and skin.

Coconut oil for skincare

As moisturizer: Coconut oil is the lightest oil and skin absorbs it very fast. It can cure dry skin, itching and skin allergies. It also hydrates skin.

As massage oil: You can use coconut oil for massage. Skin holds it for longer and you get soft and supple calm skin.

Heals burns: Apply coconut oil on burns, it heals fast. It cools down the burning sensations, cures fast.

For sunburns, blemishes: Massage coconut oil on old spots and blemishes. Its regular use removes all the imperfections. It not only clears the spots but also removes tanning and sunburns and improves complexion.

Makeup remover: If you are a little fussy about your skin and want to use less chemicals then there is no better makeup remover than coconut oil.

benefits of coconut oil for hair

Hair oil: Coconut oil is not a blessing only for skin but also for hair. It moisturizes hair , improves body and texture of hair. Its a great conditioner and shine booster for hair.

To treat dandruff: Mix a lemon in hot coconut oil and massage it in scalp. Leave it overnight and wash off next day. Its that easy… yet very effective.

As hair serum: Leave those expensive professional hair serums behind. I can bet you on this. Use pea size coconut oil on wet hair as serum on the tips and length of hair. That’s it, you are ready with high shine, glamorous  manageable hair and also relaxed, as you haven’t used any chemicals on hair today.


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