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Price Rs 850 for 5.5 g

My experience

I went to the Inglot store and asked the SA to show me concealer for me. She looked at me and said; “why do want concealer?” I said, “to cover dark circles and spots”. She said, ” but you hardly have any?” That was one of my favorite moments and compliments. I know any girl would wish for that.
But still I purchased the concealer. That day I looked into many brands and I found my perfect color in Sephora testers unfortunately the fresh piece wasn’t available in store 🙁 As I had to buy one I found Inglot closest to my skin color and ended up buying it. I save concealers for special occasions. Before this I was using Kryolan concealer.
I wanted light weight easily blend-able perfect matching concealer. Inglot AMC concealer is cream concealer. If you would look at its packaging it would look very fascinating and rich but reality is horrible.  It is thick, needs a lot of effort to blend into skin. I don’t like its texture at all. It’s heavy. It holds a lot of powder to set and looks cakey. Another disappointing feature. The coverage is fair, I would not say commendable. It is very sticky. Instead of covering patches, it makes me look dark and looks like I have uneven skintone 🙁  It is a total waste of money.
If you have extremely dry skin I would suggest you to go for this otherwise you are better without concealer.
I am rating it according to its features:
Coverage: 2.5/5
Texture: 1/5
Blend-ability: 2/5
Color: 2.5/5
Overall rating: 2/5 (I seriously don’t wish to rate it, it is so disappointing and waste.)
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