Hey everyone,Mix things up, experiment and discover new ideas to present your hair.

Hidden braids

Adding a subtle braid is the quickest and easiest way to zhuzh up an otherwise basic style

Pushed back

Greasy hair is not always disappointing.

High ponytail

This sleek style isn’t your typical, swingy cheerleader ponytail. Slick down the hair with gel and pull it into a tight ponytail at the crown of the head. Wrap a cloth headband (or heck, bondage tape) around the elastic to give the ponytail major lift. Flatiron the tail to finish the look.

Rounded bangs

Your fringe needs to be your top priority. “You should blow out your bangs the minute you step out of the shower to train your roots to go in the direction you want them to go. Use a small round brush to blow-dry them straight. Then wrap bangs in a large Velcro roller to give them a slight ’60s arc and to keep them out of your face as you finish styling the rest of your hair.

Victoria’s secret curls

Randomly wrap thick sections of hair around the largest-barrel curling iron you can find, twisting away from your face, and tousle them with your fingers. Forego finishing products for soft, touchable texture.

Extreme color

Skip temporary markers and messy paints and instead ask your colorist to incorporate a strand of color at your next root touch-up.

Straight and voluminous


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