Give A Treat To Your Hair

Hey Guys,We all desire for beautiful, silky, shiny hair. But its a result of continuous care and complete diet. There are foods which are feast for your hair.
Hair fall is one the biggest problem these days and to cure it we change shampoos, conditioner, will go for medication etc… but these all are effective till we use it. It won’t provide life long solution. By including some foods to your diet hair fall can be controlled.

They are:

  • Milk, Almond, Spinach, Cottage cheese, Zuccini Any two everyday
  • Chickpea, Millet any one weekly
  • Pear, Tomato, Papaya any one daily
  • Chinese Cabbage, 12-15 Soyabeans any one daily
  • Green tea daily
  • Flax seed, Walnut any one daily
  • 12-14 glasses of water daily
  • 2 Dates and fig with Milk, Jaggery

Any 5 foods from these everyday will show amazing results. For better and definite results green tea, Soyabeans and Milk are must.

These must be avoided

  • Black lentils, Red meat, Red wine, Smoking
  • Avoid Non Veg Totally
  • Do not keep the hair wet
  • Do not brush or comb hair when wet
  • Do not use hot oil/ water on scalp

I hope this will definitely help you

🙂 Take Care

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