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Product promises

Extra strong Pimple Control Pen purifies skin, targets and helps dry pimples. Effective result in 5 hours.

Price Rs 99 for 9.7 g

My experience

You don’t have visit dermatologist for every time you get a pimple, thanks to such innovations such as Garnier pimple control pen. Such a small tube which easily settles into my palm. 
I am blessed with oily combination skin which is not prone to pimples. But some pimples appeared on my face few days back. I used this pen to get rid of these beauty spots. The transparent gel turns into a peel after few minutes. I used it for 2 days and then I saw my pimples were smaller but not cured. Then my pimple dried itself later on without it.
Its 5 hour claim is falls. It works for minor pimples, if the problem is sever… it is of no use.
Will I purchase it again: I not sure. I would like to use something more effective.
Rating 3 stars/5

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