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Discover the best hair care products and techniques to get rid of hair frizz. Your hair might be frizzy of any of the following mistakes….

Shampooing too often

Drier the hair frizzier it is. Washing off too often will make your hair frizzy. So wash hair not more than thrice a week. Also, avoid using the product as if you are shooting for an ad film. A coin size shampoo is enough to take out the dirt and oil.










Skipping conditioner

By skipping this step you may be saving time and money but not your hair. Shampoos strip away all the oil and hydration from so you need to restore that loss again by conditioner.








Leave your hair alone

Stop touching your hair again and again. The more you run your fingers through it the more it musses. Leave it alone.









Choosing wrong products

Understand your hair first then choose the products. Using wrong products will ruin its texture.








Towel dry

Do not rub your hair with towel after wash. This is one of the biggest reasons of frizz. Dry with t-shirt or let it dry naturally.









Hair styling tools

Excessive use or using styling tools like a beginner also muss hair. Here’s how to blow dry hair: Start from the roots and take it down to the length. Set the dryer on low heat. Continue this way from roots to tip.







Good luck!


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