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We know Jeans are favorite of everyone and they never go out of fashion but do you know, which one is best for you?

Today’s post is important for all the girls, ladies of any body shape or size. Jeans were fashionable, are fashionable and will remain fashionable. They come in many patterns such as stretched, pencil, bell bottom, distressed, twisted, stone washed, high waist, low waist etc.

Jeans were first made for the labors working in coal mines. They wanted a thick, strong fabric to wear at work which should be soft and comfortable as well. The fun part is that Jeans are still made of the same fabric. In this fast changing world, jeans maintains its originality.


Moving on, jeans are of many types such as wide leg, straight cut, boot leg. But above all, you must know these can make change in your overall styling
  • To get a sexy look wear a low rise jeans but this is applicable for only slim bodies.
  • If you want to show curves than go for mid waist jeans and if you choose a dark color, you’ll look slimmer

You must wear jeans according to your body type to get that perfect look

  • I f you have wide shoulders, large bust, undefined waist, and narrow butts than you need a Flat Front jeans coz and choose lighter shades. It will give a flattened look to your waist and make you look slimmer.
  • For hourglass figure girls, can wear anything but, stretched denims will be like icing on the cake.
  • For undefined waist, smaller bust and narrow hips, low rise jeans with wide waist-belt and belt are perfect.
  • For rectangular bodies skinny jeans are perfect
  • For short legs, high waist jeans along with heels.
  • If you have big body then choose a jeans with small pockets.
I hope till now you would have found the perfect jeans for you.
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