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What’s your style statement? Designer dresses, makeup, accessories do make a difference but your bag is also important. When you wear some understated dress just pair it with a smart highlighting bag. Your look will be distinguished yet stylish. Of course I know you can’t have all the possible colors of bag, so I have shown must have bags, which can be paired with anything and won’t be a faux pas.

In the must have bag list, black comes first. Black is the color which is liked by all kinds of women. A nice black handbag completes the look. Black hand bag is fit for any occasion office, party, date, or just a meeting. It goes very well with light or dark any color.

White color is soft, cool and subtle. It is as good as black. Thus a must have. If you carry black everywhere that will be a little creepy. 
A burgundy bag also becomes must have because when you wish to play around with colors, this one can be  a match for many outfits. Well there are so many colors out there if you can own all of them, nothing is better than that.
A brown handbag looks classy and looks rich. This will be best to accompany you at formal occasions.
Bag packs become the most important part of the must have bags. They are best when you have to rush, just put in your stuff in it and move on. They go very well with casuals. When you are in hurry and don’t have enough time to select, just pick your bag pack. They are best for travelling. 
Well there are so many types of bags available out there lap top bags, formal bags, clutches, pouches etc. The above mentioned bags are to fulfill your daily requirements fashionably and with style.
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