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Fashion accessories… small word but huge range of jewellery, shoes, bags, scarfs, stoles, belts, tights, sunglasses, hat etc etc… its a long list. Fashion accessories are very important to define unique fashion statement but do you know how to buy them.

Luxurious and branded accessories are always fascinating but they also make a big hole in your pocket.

So I have an easier way. You can compromise with brand for some accessories but for some you have no choice.

If someone asks me which accessory makes biggest difference? My answer is “Bag”
Yes, bags and clutches make huge difference. I advice you to never compromise with brands for bags and clutches.

You can go with brands or without brands for shoes and belts but not for sunglasses. Because if you compromise with sunglasses, your eyes gonna suffer it.

I always like to keep wide range for stoles, scarves and junk jewellery. So that I have more variety and it also doesn’t burn my pockets. In fact street markets of Delhi and Mumbai (and other big cities of India)  are flooded with fashionable jewellery. Leaving the expensive branded jewellery for local jewellery doesn’t mean that you overlook the quality.
To look gorgeously glamorous doesn’t mean that you spend more. You just need to shop wisely, feel happy and look beautiful… and…

You’re done 🙂

You agree or not agree with me, share in the comment section.
Good luck



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