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fake the pedicure



It is getting hotter everyday and we don’t want to hide feet in oppressively hot sneakers. When you don’t have enough time fake your pedicure with some tips and flaunt your feet with sexy, cute sandals. Get the sandal ready feet in a jiffy without pedicure. 


Use luminizer: Luminizer can create magic on your face in the same way if used on feet, it will make feet look glowy and soft. Just dab a little on rough spots and on top of exposed toes.


Bright toe nail polish: Bright toe nail polish can hide many small patches on feet. Where as neutral nail polish highlights them. Also bright color look fancier.


Bronzer: Bronzer is your friend. Dusting bronzer along the top of your feet will create an illusion of soft and glowy feet also minimize the patches and spots of thick skin.


Oil: The skin on feet is much thicker, drier and harder than your hands and body. Rubbing your feet with any oil argan, neem, coconut or olive oil will heal the cracks.


Warm water: If possible soak your feet in warm water and get them often up before applying oil. It will increase oil’s efficiency.


If you have any other tip share with me in the comment section.


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