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They say DIYs don’t have harmful effects. “If home remedies do not work then don’t worry, it is not going to do worse for you”. But is that really true? No, it’s not. Please don’t follow anything blindly. Before you decide anything to apply on your hair or skin, understand their results. Like, if you already have dry hair and keep on applying things that will make your hair dryer… this is going to do more harm to your hair than good.

The same ingredient performs differently with other ingredients. We all know the that lemon, egg and honey are super ingredients for hair as well as skin. But learn to mix them with correct ingredients after understanding your hair’s nature. It is dry, oily or combination? I am listing some of the ingredients which are harmful for dry hair if not used correctly.

Don’ts for dry hair:



How to use lemons for hair

Lemon is a super ingredient and it solves many hair problems. It is a very effective remedy to treat dandruff. But, if you apply lemon in hair and come in sunlight, it can result into color loss for hair.  On dry hair, don’t use it directly. Either mix it with oil or full cream yogurt. Then it is going to be a great conditioner and will be beneficial on dry hair.






Eggs are like protein treatment for hair. Application of only egg on hair is always going dry out hair. Here is the complete guide how to apply egg on different types of hair.








Fuller’s earth

Fuller’s earth doesn’t only prevent acne but also very useful for hair. It brings back the volume on greasy, lifeless hair. Fuller’s earth absorbs all the oil from skin as well hair. So, it is a no-no for dry hair. But at the same time it is a great hair cleanser also. Mix it with buttermilk to cleanse all types of hair.






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