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As the name says “Dry Shampoo”, a shampoo, which gives you nice washed like hair without a wash. Was that little complicated??? Dry shampoo is a great product, if you are rushing and don’t have enough time for hair wash or you want to avoid washing frequently then its a must product for you. You definitely can’t go to a party with your sticky, dull, volume less hair. Very few people know about dry shampoos and its availability is even lesser. In market dry shampoos are very expensive and contains a lot of chemicals. So…I have magical wand for you 🙂

Dry Shampoo

You need:

  • Any talc
  • Cornflour
Mix these two ingredients in equal quantities and your dry shampoo is ready… See how simple was that.
Sprinkle it on your hair and roots coz that’s where you feel greasy. I know you must be feeling as if you’ve got grey hair… 😉 Now brush your 10-15 times or till it finely settles and absorbed by the hair..
You are done. Now your hair is oil fee, full of life, and full of volume and you are ready to go anywhere.
This quick fix has been a life saving guard for me many times. I hope you like this tutorial
Good luck
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