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Marigold face mask offers quick solution for blemishes, skin tanning and minor skin infections that can often steal the beauty and glow from your face. Marigold face mask can be easily prepared at home using fresh Marigold /Calendula petals or by purchasing dried Marigolds from any beauty or health store. Due to its cell-rejuvenating and healing properties it is widely used in body spas and natural skin treatments.

Here, I am using fresh marigold petals. You can use whatever is available to you. If you are using dried petals then use its powder.

You need

2 tsp flower petals 
1 tsp gram flour

Step 1 Crush the flower petals with 3 tsp milk in pastel and mortar, Add gram flour in it. Check the consistency, it should be a fine spreadable paste, if required add some milk. Leave it for 30 mins.

Step 2 After 30 mins apply it on your face leaving the eye area. Rinse off when dries. Finish with your favorite toner.

Usage: This is a skin rejuvenating mask for discoloration and blemishes. Apply it twice a week.

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P.S: No matter you are using dried petals or fresh flower, It is compulsory to leave the mask for 30 mins before applying to get the best results.

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