Hey guys,
We all know about tinted moisturizers but their availability is an big issue and finding your perfect match is even harder.
Tinted moisturizer work great as makeup base. They hydrate as well as give coverage to skin. They blend better and doesn’t make your skin look cakey. They are perfect for everyday use.
Don’t have one…? not an issue because you can create it on your own everyday or whenever you want. Its that simple.

I am hesitating in sharing this tutorial, its that simple.
Just take your favorite moisturizer. Take small amount of your favorite foundation. Mix it properly and fix your facial flaws. Your Instant Tinted moisturizer is ready to use. If you use a moisturizer with SPF than your tinted moisturizer will also have sun protection property.
This way you can create your favorite tinted moisturizer everyday and trust me it will work as good as any ready tinted moisturizer.
If you think that your foundation makes your skin dry and you want to throw it away than this is a great way to use such foundations…. such a money saver tip 😉 :p
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Good luck
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