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Caffeine is a helpful in reducing dark circles and skin pores. Coffee is a rich source of caffeine and anti oxidants. Previously I discussed a coffee treatment for skin. Coffee can also help you to get rid of scary dark circles around your eyes. Another super ingredient which we are going to use is green tea. Which is also rich in anti oxidants, skin whitener and hydrates skin.
Green tea is also removes eye swelling because of stress, less sleep or late sleep. Eye creams will complete the daily nutrition requirement for skin around eyes but for extra benefits you need to put extra efforts.
You need
1/2 tsp Coffee
1 tsp green tea
Cotton pads

Step 1 Take coffee and green tea in a bowl.
Step 2 Add 5 tsp of boiling water in it. Leave for 2 mins
Step 3 Strain this mixture and damp the cotton pads in it.

Step 4 Keep these damp cotton pads on your eyes and rest for 15 mins. Remove after 15 mins and rinse with normal water.

You can do it everyday for noticeable results.
I hope you like it
I wish you beautiful skin


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