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Before we jump on the method of preparing this magical anti dandruff oil, I want to brief you about the ingredients, so that you can understand that how effective can a simple DIY be?

China-rose, also known as Chinese Hibiscus, is an effective herb, that helps dandruff control, seborrhea, and hair fall. Hence, it works as an hair tonic for hair and scalp. It contains flavonoid which has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is an essential ingredient in herbal anti dandruff shampoo for eg. China-rose Anti Dandruff Shampoo by Blossom Kochchar.

Coconut oil can work better than any potion or lotion for skin and hair. It is loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids, which are anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing and, anti- bacterial

Camphor is also a great remedy for fungal infection and dandruff. It adds nice aroma to the oil.

How to prepare?

The ingredients, that we are using here, are easily available and very cheap but they do give expensive results 🙂

You need
200 ml coconut oil
10-12 China-rose fresh flowers
4g Camphor tab

Step 1 Heat the Coconut oil and bring a boil. Take it off from the heat and add the flowers in the hot oil. The flowers will burn in seconds. Leave it to cool down

Step 2 When it is cool, crush the flowers (as much as you can) in the oil and strain the oil in a container or bottle. Now, add the camphor tab in it and put on close the bottle.

Now next time when you open the bottle, you’ll get very nice fragrance of camphor along with its hair curing quality.

Usage: Take the massage from this oil everytime you want to wash hair. For best results apply it at night, wash your hair next morning. Your dandruff won’t stay for long. You can also take hot oil massage from this oil.

I hope you like this tutorial.

I wish you S3 hair.

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